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Tugtracker.co.uk is a website dedicated to the Class 60 Locomotives in the UK. Founded as "The Class 60 Data Site" in 1997 by N Harrison it has since passed through the hands of several webmasters before reaching my control in 2002. I have recently re-branded that site and redeveloped the site into its current guise of Tugtracker. This redevelopment has seen new emphasis placed on the sightings and logs section of the site rather than focusing on the fixed engineering data side of the site.

The site is now split into several sections accessible from the main menu at the top of the page. Site maps are also available here or here.

This section provides access to the sightings and workings logs of the site, this facility is now fully searchable, sortable and provides a valuable archive of workings right from the introduction of the fleet. The logs are split up into two sections, archive logs for workings pre 2011 and the current year workings, this is simply to improve server performance for the more popular current year logs and prevent irrelevant results. Recently added is the ability to add photo links to the logs, please note these are links to outside sites and thus the copyright remains with that site owner. Submissions to this section of the site are always gratefully received.

Fleet Information.
The fleet information sections has details of the stored and operational fleets, locomotive by locomotive listings detailing information such as pool code allocations, engine hours figures, storage and pool code histories.
This section also contains TOPS Reports including archive material, and a comprehensive listing of passenger workings by he fleet.
None of these sections are closed and I welcome submissions of information for all sections. To submit information, sightings etc please get in contact via the contact page.
**NEW** Overhauled Class 60 fleet listing added here and pages to reflect the DBS and Colas Railfreight Fleets.

Historical information relating to the class including the background to the procurement, the tending process, delivery schedules and historical naming notes are included. This section also contains information relating the use of the class on the Bickershaw branch coal traffic in the Wigan area.

This section contains section by section technical information relating to the Class 60 Locomotive and includes information relating to the, Air Systems, Body, Cabs, Engine, Electrical Systems and General specifications. Also included are a number of drivers repair books.

Should you wish to contribute to the site, either with Gen, Information, Photos or even with a finished article for publication please get in touch via the Contact Me link in the menu.